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Auto insurance in controlled by the governement if you live in Manitoba, Saskachewan, British Columbia, or Quebec. If you live in any of the other provinces in Canada, there are more insurance companies than you can count. Some big ones are: RBC, TD Bank, The Dominion, Intact, Jevco, etc.

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Q: What are some well known Canadian auto insurance agencies?
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Who gives auto insurance quotes for multiple agencies?

Progressive auto insurance gives quotes from multiple insurance agencies. Quotes are often given in minutes.

Which companies provide check auto insurance?

There are several different companies that provide check auto insurance. Some of these include: B&W Auto Insurance, Canadian Direct Auto Insurance, and Progressive.

What is a good website to get Canadian Auto Insurance Quote?

What are popular motorcycle insurance groups?

One of the most popular motorcycle insurance agencies is Geico. Other popular motorcycle insurance agencies include Erie Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, Country and Progressive.

What companies offer Canadian auto insurance quotes?

There are several companies which offer quotes for Canadian auto insurance. Some of them include Esurance, Kanetix, and Insurance Hotline. Another possibility is for the potential customer to check out Wikipedia's entry on the top Canadian insurance companies and contact some of them directly.

Where can one find news about auto insurance?

There are many news agencies that have news about auto insurance. CBS, NBC, MSN are just a few that will be good options to start with to find news about auto insurance.

Can I apply for services on the Affirmative Auto Insurance website?

Affirmative Auto Insurance is only sold by Agents in 11 States, but you can go to the Website and Request Auto Insurance Quotes from the Agents that Sell Affirmative Auto Insurance. You can also find a listing of Agencies that Sell Affirmative Auto Insurance of the Website as well.

What companies offer no fault auto insurance in Florida?

Ameriprise and Geico are two agencies that offer no fault auto insurance in Florida. Some other providers include 21st Insurance and Brightway Insurance.

Where is the best place to get auto insurance from in LA?

There are many potential auto insurance companies in LA. The best one will depend on one's age, gender and claims history. ABC Insurance Agencies offer good auto insurance in LA as do Progressive.

Where can one find information on Canadian auto insurance rates?

There are a number of websites on the internet that offer information on Canadian auto insurance rates. Some websites you may want to visit include FSCO and Kanteix.

What auto insurance agencies offer the best rates?

Auto insurance rates highly depend on your driving record. The top three insurance companies in the United States in order are Allstate, State Farm and Prudential Insurance.

What Canadian auto insurance companies have more tax payers?

Canada has lots of auto insurance companies, however the company with more tax payers is State Farm Canada. Definitely a great choice for auto insurance!