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Q: What are some universal themes for Black Beauty?
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What are some universal themes that not might find in an epic?

Who knows -Apex

What were some themes of Aztec poetry?

flowers and the beauty of nature and death.

What is it about folktales themes that makes them appeal to almost everyone in some way?

They're universal.

What are the three themes in Hedda Gabler?

I can't really provide elaboration, but some themes I can provide are class differences, differing ideals of beauty, and attitudes towards life.

Are some themes universal?

Some examples are love, peace, friendship, or any other concepts about life that can apply to any and or everyone

Is black beauty a real horse?

When Anna Sewell wrote the book, there was probably not a Black Beauty. But some horses may be named after him.

Was black beauty a boy horse?

Yes!!! My neighbor has the grandson of the horse that played Black Beauty. Since he is an Arabian, there must be some Arabian somewhere in that bloodline!

Black Beauty Chapter Summary?

Black Beauty was a gentle and hard working horse. Even when many owners were cruel, Black Beauty did what was asked of him. The story is written so readers can understand how a horse might have felt.

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What is the problem in the story black beauty?

Black Beauty was written by Anna Sewell in 1877. It is told in the first person of the main character, a horse named Black Beauty. It is an autobiography of sorts. It is about Black Beauty's noble nature as he is sold from owner to owner, master to master, some of them gentle and some of them not so gentle, some quite harsh. It is a story of a horse being used for work purposes instead of the horse's nobleness. It also shows empathy for Ginger's hardships and her ultimately tragic end. It shows mistreatment, intentional or not of animals.

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Some movies with the word black in the title include, Men in Black, Black Beauty, Black Hawk Down, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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