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Answer Just think of something totally sick, count in your mind, things like that. Wear loose fitting pants so it doesn't show through.

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Q: What are some tips on how to stop erections because I get them sometimes and I get nervous around family so can someone help?
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You know this guy for 3 years. You gave him love lettersdidn't actually asked him out yet but he rejected you but he still stares at you and bumps into you in the hallway. What does this mean?

Maybe he likes you but he's just to nervous to tell you the truth, because remember this, sometimes if he's mean to you, he might even like u! Cause sometimes admiting someone loves someone is very nervous!

Why does your armpit sweat around certain people?

Sometimes we perspire when we are nervous. So, if someone makes you self-conscious or nervous - you fancy them, or you're scared of them - you sweat.

Who is going to ask me out?

Sometimes if you wait for someone you like to ask you out it may not happen as boys are shy and nervous - you may have to ask them out.

Why do you act weird when you are by the someone you like?

Because your nervous there going to say they hate or like you

Is it bad to have erections during puberty?

Not at all. There is nothing bad about erections. They are natural and unavoidable. if anyone tells you otherwise then they are uneducated fools.Erections are caused by blood circulation. When the penis floods with blood, it erects. It's natural and there's nothing that can be done to prevent it. It is perfectly normal.

Does that mean a guy is nervous if he sometimes stares at a girl without smiling and doesn't talk to her?

Maybe, all girls and boys do something when they are nervous. Usually when I am nervous to be around someone (because I want to be perfect around them) I usually do not talk right and stumble over my words. If the person you think likes you does that, then that might mean he likes you, but you will NEVER know, until he askes you out or something like that.

How come whenever you like someone most of the time you act like in idiot to that person?

because you are nervous

Can the central nervous system regenerate?

No, that is why when someone breaks their spine they are paralyzed for life, because the neurons can not regenerate.

How can the nervous systems stability be challenged?

it can be changed by letting your nervous system come down by telling someone what your nervous or by stop being nervous.

Why do i get a erection like ALL I mean ALL the time none stop erections?

Someone might get an erection like ALL I mean ALL the time non-stop erections due to easy blood circulation in the region.

Why is it sometimes it hurts you a lot when you miss someone?

Because you have grown attached to that person

What does it mean when a outgoing guy stares at you a lot but talkd to everyone even your friend sometimes but you?

Maybe he doesnt know how to start a conversation with someone he likes, maybe he is nervous around you.