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dont eat hot food.......... basically there is nothing you can do. the mouth is the fastest healing place in the body. . . . . ride it out. . . . .

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Q: What are some things that you cane do to cure a burnt tongue?
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How can cure tongue tie?

You can cure tongue tie by simply sniping your tongue web a bit but have a trained specailist do it

What is the cure for pizza-foot?

A Jared tongue will cure it.

How do you heal a burnt tongue?

gargle salt water. works everytimeDrink some ice cold water and thats about all you can do. There is no magical cure for it... you just have to wait it out for a couple of days.

Is there a cure for a furry tongue?

Give it a scratch!

Is there any cure for tongue cancer?

there are two cures 1 is chemo 2 is cutting your tongue completely out Chemo doesn't cure cancer it makes it worse.

When I burnt my finger my skin came out what can I do to cure it?

My answer is not for that, but for the skin. Use tomatoes!

What is the best way to cure a spicy tongue?

Original lucozade works for me pour it into a cup and then hold your Tongue in it..

What does it mean if your throat is sore and your tongue is yellow but there are no other symptoms?

A sore throat can be caused by many things. Although a yellow tongue could be a result of having a strep throat, you also need to look for patches on the tongue or if its hurts or is sensitive to touch. If your throat or tongue is causing you pain, it would be best to go see a doctor about it.

How do you cure a sore tongue... I ate too many cinnamon hearts and now it hurts a lot?

Stop eating them. Drink plenty and time will repair your tongue.

How do you cure floppy tongue on Neopets?

All you have to do is use a Tounge Shrinker. (Yes, I spelled it correctly!)

If you have neuropathy would you walk with a cane And if you are given meds when would you start feeling better?

Some people who have neuropathy do walk with a cane. Taking medications to treat the neuropathy can help you to feel better but there is no cure for it.

How do you cure a two burnt hands in pioneer times?

Put butter on it or/and cold water and cover it up with a bandaid