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Thee are three theories:

1) spin-off:when Earth was young and still cooling, a piece of Earth broke off at the eqautor while Earth was spinning rapidly

2)Capture-Earth captures a passing moon

3)Collision- A planet (orpheus) collided with Earth, creating fragments. The fragements came back together creating the new Earth with a moon. This is the accepted theory.

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Q: What are some theories that are used to explain the origin of the earths moon?
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Discuss briefly the 4 theories on the origin of the moon?

I think the unanimus answer is that when the earth collided with another planet(putting it on a tilt) a chunk broke off and got caught in the earths magnetic pull. There are no other theories i know of.

What theory best describes the moon origin?

Presently, the ejected ring theory best describes the origin of moon.

Explain How is the moon earths satellite?

the moon orbits the earth and one definition of a satellite is "a natural body that revolves around a planet"

What are the two types of eclipse and explain?

Solar - moons shadow falls on earth.Lunar - earths shadow falls on moon.

Theory of the origin of the moon?

There are many theories to the creation of the moon. One theory is that it is a part of the Earth. Part of the molten earth that pulled away, but got caught in the gravitational pull of Earth.

Name and discuss the hypothesis for the origin of the Earths moon?

There are several theories out there for the formation of the moon. The current most widely accpeted one is called the Giant Impact Hypothesis. The basic idea is that at some point after the young earth had formed but while the surface was still molten a Mars sized object collided with Earth and the material ejected and began orbiting the Earth. This material later formed the Moon.

What does the earths moon mean?

the earths moon helps sustsian the gravity on the earths oceancs keeping them in balance

Explain y earths shadow covers the entire moon during a lunar eclipse but only a small part during a solar eclipse?

The Earth is larger than the Moon.

What is bigger earths moon or Mars?

I think Mars is bigger than Earths moon.

What are the problems With the other theories of how the moon formed?

Scientists n there theories are uncertain still of how the moon formed about'

How many earths fit across the moon?

0.578987334321 Earths fit into the moon because the moon is smaller than the Earth

Which answer is not one of the three theories of the Moon formation?

There are three main theories of how the moon came into existence. The theories are as follows: the moon was captured by Earth's gravitational pull, the moon was originally part of the earth's crust, or the earth and moon formed together out of the primordial nebula.