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Q: What are some some of the habits you can develop to become well groomed?
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What are some Jamaican habits?

What are some habits from jamaica

What are some short term and long term effects of the consolidation of Afghanistan?

Short term is that it can be under our control. Long term might be that they start to develop some western habits.

Why are women hookers?

Most women are not..Some become hookers because of drug habits, and what they wrongly believe to be easy money.

What are Bengal Tigers habits?

Some habits are hunting, eating, and breeding.

What are facts about animal habits on giraffes?

some habits of babay giraffe are eating and sleeping

Why you have to develop personality?

Because it is an aspect of being a real human who have feelings, habits, relatopnships and other social aspects. It makes you also to be a better human since you will get answers for some human-behaviours.

Does the causes of diabetes ever change?

The causes of diabetes aren't entirely known. Some are born with it and others develop it due to poor eating habits. You can control your diabetes by eating healthy and exercising.

Can a person with malaria control it by changing some of his or her daily habits?

That is not possible. It may take up to six months to develop the immunity. Falciparum malaria will kill you very shortly. You have to take treatment for malaria.

What are some of the vultures habits?


Can your sleeping habits affect your eating habits?

There is some evidence that not enough sleep is a factor in obesity.

What are some complementary adjectives that start with the letter w?

· warmhearted · well-groomed · wise · witty · wonderful

What are some habits that prevent drug abuse?

Habits that take your mind off drugs are preventive habits. One example would be chowing gum.