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One major reason is the fact that if there are two rival teams playing each other, in any sport, then there will most likely be some violence between the fans (crowd).

Also, some people don't go for the sport or to support their team, they go to cause trouble.. ie, Milwall and Aston Villa. (watch Green Street or the Football Factory)

Just a couple points, hope it helped.

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Q: What are some reasons for violence?
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Some of the reasons for violence in the 1960s were racial protests, protests against the Vietnamese war, protests against unfair treatment and policies at universities and general unrest over cultural mores the young people did not like. Some of the violence was incited by police who overreacted to the people in the protest crowds. Some of the violence was revenge violence, Klu Klux Klan type of violence towards the blacks. There was also unrest by the Mexican farm workers. It was not as violent but it was a big "fuss".

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A person who uses violence for political reasons is called a terrorist. Terrorism is the use of violence or intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

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There are several reasons why people may resort to acts of violence despite knowing the adverse consequences. Some reasons include anger and frustration, a desire for power and control, a lack of impulse control or emotional regulation skills, exposure to violence and aggression in their environment, or a belief that violence is an effective means to achieve their goals. Additionally, some individuals may struggle with mental health issues or have a history of trauma, which can contribute to their engagement in violent behavior.

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An essay on violence and non violence can focus on a number of things. Depending on the thesis formed, the essay should give causes of violence and why they happen. The essay should also look at the reasons why some youths are not violent and support this with strong points.

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some topics on youth violence are gangs.

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some topics on youth violence are gangs.

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What is some figurative language about violence?

Violence is a storm, unleashing its fury on all in its path. Anger is a wildfire, spreading rapidly and consuming everything in its wake. Conflict is a beast, tearing through relationships and leaving destruction in its wake.

What are three reasons that violence is wrong?

Violence is wrong because it is morally wrong to hurt others. If you don't like to be hurt, why would it be OK to hurt others? Violence is wrong because it does not really solve anything. It also can hurt those who are close to those that are the objects of the violence.

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