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Q: What are some reasons for having summer breaks?
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What are some reasons for buying the cheapest camcorders?

Some reasons for buying the cheapest camcorder available include: having extra money to buy camcorder accessories and not having a lot to lose if the camcorder breaks. You can find cheap camcorders from the eBay website.

Do guidance counselors take summer breaks as well?

Yes, for the most part. Some work in summer school, but it is an option.

Are coffee breaks mandatory in the workplace?

In some countries, in certain industries it is mandatory to have regular breaks for safety reasons. However, the drinking of coffee is not mandated at these breaks.

Should you go to school all year?

well some say its better, so you dont forget info, during the summer, but the summer breaks are good, so you can give your brain some thinking time, its annoying to be learning all the time, and breaks are helpful

What are some reasons not to know you have huntingtons disease?

because some people are not capable of having it

What are some reasons for not having your homework with the letter A?

the best reason is if they are sick or by the accedent

What are some possible reasons of having nausea dizziness and weight gain?


What are some of the reasons for having a pulmonary artery catheterization?

evaluate heart failure

What are some reasons why people eat ice cream?

The two main reasons I can thing of is (1) to keep cool in summer and (2) because it tastes nice !

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The beneficial reasons of having a gaming laptop is having more of an advantage when playing games then a regular computer being able to play high performance games and get the best quality.

What is the bloody show while having a baby?

Some women lose "the plug to their cervix" when their water breaks as labor begins.

Why do some people pour water over roofs during summer?

This is generally only in fire areas for obvious reasons.