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How long have you got? :-) I just got a dog and never had one before. The pros are many -- Teaches responsibility. Unconditional love from the dog, and hopefully from you, too. It's proven people with pets live longer and a dog can lower your blood pressure, although sometimes my dog raises mine. Depending on the dog, and you, the downsides can be many. Expenses, both food and vet bills. You MUST take care of the dog for the rest of the dog's life -- you just can't stop. You must walk the dog, regardless of weather. Some dogs and breeds bark a lot. If you take a vacation you must take the dog with you or board it. Finally, unlike Lassie, it's very doubtful your dog will ever save you if you fall in a well. :-)

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Q: What are some pros and cons to having a dog?
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What are the Pros and cons of dogfighting?

There are no pros in dog-fighting.

What are the pros and cons of a laser?

Pros: they are fun to play with and watch your dog chase it Cons: you can blind yourself and other perople if you don't use it correctly

What are the pros and cons of using a prong or pinch collar to train a dog?

The pros of using a prong or pinch collar to train a dog is that they will stop when the go to far. It teaches the dog sooner not to do something than with a regular collar. The cons of the pinch collar is that it hurts the dog. It pokes into their neck and causes them discomfort.

What are the pros and cons of labrador dogs?

Pros: Extremely loyal Great family dogs Awesome gun dogs Love to please Cons: Hyper before 2-3 years old Most popular dog in England and America by a long shot, if you care. Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons.

What are the different pros and cons for a dog attacking someone?

Well one pro could be that the dog may be protecting its owner, like in the situation of a person attacking the dog's owner. And or for police because some dogs are train to fight and if have to kill; I think.

What are the pros and cons of owning a dog?

It is very protective for your house against burglars and thieves... your kids will enjoy having a dog and it would be like a new best friend! But you will have to walk it every day, pick up it's poo and buy lots of equipment, food and water for it.

What are Facebook pros and cons?

sometimes people make me unhappy on face book so i need to consult my dog to help as it is my only friend

What is some expert information on PROS of teens owning dogs?

Studies have shown that petting a dog can reduce anxiety and having a dog also teaches responsibilities that will be needed later in life

What are the pros and cons of spaying?

pros: You don't need to buy a diper and pads and they won't feel the urge to well you know. (about 95% of the time, they do not have the urge to hump) Cons: They become lazy and a little fatter you have to pay for the services (they will most definatly run away to find a male/female dog to mate with)

Why should you buy a dog?

Dogs are awesome! They are fun, caring, entertaining, loyal and, well...AWESOME!!! Before deciding, I think you should look at the pros and cons.

What pros and cons come with an English Setter?

The pro of an English Setter is that it is a beautiful, loving dog. It is a cross-breed of 3 dogs so the con is that the dog looks different and has an odd set of fur.

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