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Q: What are some of the benefits of the yellow hawkweed?
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What are some example of endangered plants?

Snowdonia Hawkweed

What is the scientific name of snowdonia hawkweed?

The scientific name of Snowdonia hawkweed is Hieracium snowdoniense.

What kind of flowers do they have in Maine?

Maine has many wildflowers. Bee balm, blue-eyed grass, blanketflower, wild columbine, common daylily, Eastern daisy fleabane, wild geranium, yellow goatsbeard, orange hawkweed, joe pye weed, and mountain laurel are some of the wildflowers. In addition there are many garden plants.

What is a pricker bush?

Technically, a pricker bush is the generic name of a family of plants. The family is called Asteraceae. Not all plants are spiny. It consists of the Bull Thistle, Canada Thistle, Perennial Sowthistle, Yellow Hawkweed, Orange Hawkweed, Dandelion and several other Dandelion look-alikes. None of the plants are poisonous. Although the term Pricker Bush applies to the family, most use this term to describe the Bull Thistle, a plant the resembles a Dandelion with large, sharp spines on its leaves. It may grow as a patch or as a wide, tall bush of spines.

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What are some types of yellow birds found in South America?

South America is home to some of the most diverse bird species. Some have a hint of yellow about them, such as the Yellow-Crowned Amazon which is predominantly green but partly yellow and the Brown-and-Yellow Marshbird, which is brown except for a yellow breast. Some species of Elaenia native to South America are also yellow as are some cuckoos and the Caatinga Parakeet. The Yellow Warbler, a wholly yellow bird, is often seen in the northern parts of South America.

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