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There are many ways to improve prostate health naturally, some of these include exercise, watching your stress and fear levels, or alternatively taking a herbal supplement as recommended by your pharmacist, such as; Prostaprin, Vasotrexx, and Prostacet, to name a few.

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Q: What are some natural methods for improving prostate health?
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What company produces the Super Prostate formula?

The Super Prostate formula is produced by the Physician's Choice company. The pills are used as a dietary supplement and help in improving overall prostate health.

Add Saw Palmetto for Improved Prostate Health?

The natural supplement saw palmetto is recommended by both naturopathic and medical doctors to help improve prostate health. It works by actually toning the prostate, improving the action of hormones in the body and functioning as a diuretic. Not only does it reduce prostate glands that are already enlarged, it also strengthens the bladder itself. Saw palmetto is also effective when treating cystitis, because of its antiseptic action.

What can be done to protect the health of the prostate?

You can get prostate exams regularly to ensure that you do not have prostate cancer or any other health problems. You can also drink lots of cranberry juice, and eat foods that promote prostate health.

What is a prostate health supplement?

Prostate health supplements are medications that are well known to increase the health of the prostate. They contain all of the needed vitamins and minerals that a prostate needs to be healthy.

Where can one get information on prostate health?

The best place to get information on prostate health is from your doctor or community nurse. There are pamphlets available at pharmacies and public health offices. There is also an excellent source online called the Prostate Health Guide.

What is the connection between acai berries and prostate health?

As far as I am aware, there is no connection between acai berries and prostate health.

What are the health claims of the Super Beta Prostate producers?

Health claims of the Super Beta Prostate producers are for men who are having prostate problems. They also claim it's also for men who fear a diagnosis of enlarged or aging prostate now or in the future.

Holistic health vs. Modern medical health care?

Generally, holistic healthcare differs in that it doesn't use moder medications or methods. It focuses more on 'natural' remedies such as herbal, spiritual, and eastern healthcare methods. Typically, health insurance will not cover it.

What does a neuter do for the prostate health?

Makes it better.

Where is the Prostate Health Council?

Baltimore, Maryland

What are the health issues if your male dog is used as a stud constantly?

Prostate infections or prostate cancer.

Who studies the prostate gland in men?

A urologist is the doctor to see for any prostate health issues.