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I would NOT recommed you join a gang, and I would NOT recommed you get any tattoos associating with any gangs.

But to answer your question, below is a list of gang tattoos:

5 Point star(People Nation gangs get this tattoo)

6 Point star(Folk Nation gangs get this tattoo)

Tear Drop(gang members get this when they've either killed someone, or are mourning someone's death). If the tear drop is colored in it means they've killed).

3 dots in a triangle(hispanic gang tattoo, stands for the 3 possibilites of gang life which is death, hospital bed, or prison)

Lion & crown tattoos:These tattoos are associated with the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation, which is a gang under the larger People Nation.

Dragon & Tiger tattoos:Asian gang tattoos, stands for strength.

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The three dots in a triangle is a Hispanic gang tattoo, which stands for the three possible outcome of gang life which is death, prison, or the hospital.

P.S. DON'T join a gang.

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Q: What are some hispanic gang tatts?
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Is there a hispanic gang called la laguna?

I haven't heard of a Hispanic gang called ''La Laguna''.

What is the meaning of chapete?

Its what surenos a Hispanic gang call norteños another Hispanic gang It is an insult they dislike each other alot

Who is forming kaos gang?

hispanic street gang in costa mesa California

When was Bodgy Tatts created?

Bodgy Tatts was created in 1996.

What do you know about Coolidge AZ gang brown pride?

Brown Pride gang is a Hispanic gang that was started in Los Angeles, Cali. They wear the colors brown & tan, they are NOT Sureno's, neither are they Norteno's, they are an independent Hispanic street gang who are rivals to both Sureno's & Norteno's.

When was Tatts Group created?

Tatts Group was created in 2006-10.

What is the largest Hispanic street gang in the world?

La Gran Familia is the largest Hispanic street gang in the world. They are known for the colors gold and black to the left side of their back pocket.

Is a peacock tattoo gang related?

Yes it is... A peacock with the number of feathers that correspond to a gang number. Like 13 feathers for a Hispanic gang or anything of the sort.

Do Black guys like Hispanic girls in gangs?

Yes, Black guys do like Hispanic girls.As far as do they like Hispanic girls in gangs, well I guess that would depend on if the guy was in a gang too.

Are there whites in sur 13?

Sur 13 is mainly a hispanic gang but it is not rare to find a caucasion member.

How many hispanic in US?

There are several Hispanic street gangs in the U.S., one of the largest Hispanic street gangs is the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation.Below, I named u the most popular Hispanic street gangs in the U.S.The Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation(People Nation gang)The Almighty Spanish Lords Nation(People Nation gang)The Almighty Latin Stones Nation(People Nation gang)The Almighty Insane Latin Counts Nation(People Nation gang)The Almighty Latin Angels Nation(People Nation gang)The Gangster Two Six Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Gangster Party People Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Insane Gangster Satan Disciples Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Insane Spanish Cobras Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Insane Latin Jivers Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Maniac Latin Disciples Nation(Folk Nation gang)The La Raza Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Universal Latin Lovers Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Almighty Latin Eagles Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Almighty Imperial Gangsters Nation(Folk Nation gang)The Norteno's(Nuestra Familia gang)The Sureno's(Mexican Mafia gang)Netas Association(Puerto Rican gang)Trinitarios(Dominican gang)The Latin Mafia Family Crips(Crip Alliance gang)

How many tattoos does Christopher Drew have?

he has 40+ tatts