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Take a deep breath , count to ten , go for a walk, or talk to a friend who can help , and if that doesn't work than get into an anger management class >

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Q: What are some healthful ways to manage anger?
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What type of health skills are described in this statement you find healthful ways to ease and manage pressure in your life?

(Apex) Stress management skills.

You find healthful ways to ease and manage pressure in your daily life. What type of health skills are described in this statement?

(Apex) Stress management skills.

Recognizing your emotion is an important first step toward dealing with them in ways?

Healthful ways.

Who do you talk to if you have problems with controlling your anger?

You can talk to a therapist, counselor, or psychologist to help you learn healthy ways to manage your anger. They can provide you with strategies and techniques to better understand and regulate your emotions. It's important to seek professional help if you feel you are struggling to control your anger.

What is the difintion of anger?

Anger is an emotion that gives us the energy to get through situations that we find threatening. People take their anger out in different ways. some argue some fight and some pretend they are happy and have pain bottled up inside. Your Welcome.

What are some ways that you can manage your weight?

Some ways that you can manage your weight are through diet and exercise. Eat moderately and eat healthfully. Exercise regularly and do a variety of exercise including cardio, weights, and stretching. Good luck!

How do you use managed in a sentence?

Did you manage to finish your speech? We need you to manage this company. Can you manage this on your own? Do you think you can manage all the responsibilities of the job? More ways to use it: You are upgraded to a manager. You have bad anger management. I will send you to take a management class to become a manager where you can manage being a boss.

How can expressing your emotions in healthful ways effect your physical health?

because if u get mad it can stress your brain.

What are some ways to manage your diabetes?

Some good ways to manage your diabetes is to keep a portable blood sugar tester handily available. By doing this, you will know real time results of your blood sugar levels. Another way to manage your diabetes is by eating the right foods (balance of fruits and vegetables), so that your blood sugar levels stay balanced.

What are ways to express anger without food?


What are some ways to manage my debt?

Some tips to manage your debt and start saving money include stop using credit cards. You should also start paying higher payments on credit cards.

What is uncontrolled anger?

When you see anger as an excuse to behave poorly towards people and you express your emotions in inappropriate or harmful ways, then your anger is considered uncontrolled.