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a good website to go on 4 prank calling is hope you have fun

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Q: What are some good sites for prank calling?
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What are some good prank apps that are free?

prankify yourself

What are some ideas for a sleepover?

Some ideas can be like shooting videos for And prank calling. And it really depends what you and whoever is sleeping over like what to do

What is a good homemade prank?

Get some clingfilm and cover the toilet bowl with it!

What are some good calling rates when calling China?

Good calling rates to China range from 1.2 cents per minute to 1.9 cents per minute on many calling card options advertised online. Most web sites advertised 1.5 cents per minute to call China. There are monthly rate plans as well, but some of them have confusing terms and limitations.

What are some fun numbers to prank call?

Some individuals have posted to this and suggested calling 911 as a prank. This is absolute foolishness, as well as being against the law. Additionally, site policy prohibits posting phone numbers for anything like what is being asked.

What will happen if you prank call a company without dialing 141 at the beginning?

141 is the code in some countries to prevent your Caller ID information from being sent to the person you are calling. If you make a prank call without suppressing your Caller ID, the person you are calling may know it was you and may call your parents and get you into trouble.

For a Prank what is a good believable topic to fight over with your boyfriend we are trying to get back at some people that thought they caught us doing something so...its all his idea?

This isn't a good prank...if you tried fighting with ME as a prank I'd tell you to get out and never come back.

What are some fun ideas fr ttwo teens to do?

Bowling Ice Skating Makeovers Sleepovers Pranks Prank Calling Making funny vids swimming

Do people who prank only do it on Halloween?

Most people who prank will prank all year long. However, some people who prank will only prank if they are not given treats at Halloween.

What are some good sites to research old coins? and are some good sites to research the old coins. Some good sites to research old coins are Coinflation, CopperCoins, and SmallDollars.

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Some good sites are obiovoisly and

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