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Have your guest bring sleeping bags, flashlights, pajamas, fuzzy slippers, etc.

1. Tie a balloon with string around your guest's ankles. On "go" everyone tries to stomp on everyone else's balloon.

2. Give all guests a toothpick to put in between their teeth. They form a line and try to pass a lifesaver or any candy with a hole in it to everyone with using only your toothpick.

3. Put truth and dare cards in a balloon and have guests pick a balloon pop it and answer the truth or do the dare.

4. Play hide and go seek at night

5. Have a silly string war

6. Put a cookie on your forehead and get it to your mouth by using facial expressions only

7. Have one girl be the pointer. She points at one girl to start off a random story then she points to another girl to continue it, and so on

8. Have a girl leave the room while everyone hides in their sleeping bags. The girl comes in and feels the bodies to guess who it is.

8. Have friends bring over Board Games to play

9. Have an equal pile of m&ms for every girl. One teen starts off by saying I have never... (I have never gone to Hawaii) If it is true for you, eat an m&m. Whoever has the most left wins!

10. Have a bowl of small multicolored candy (like skittles) Have everyone grab 2 candies. If they have the same color you get to eat them. If not you must keep this in your mouth. Round after round you stuff sweets into your mouth until you have 2 of the same color.

11. Play a classic game of truth or dare

12. Watch a movie.

13. Freeze dance

14. Give each other makeovers, BLINDFOLDED!

15. Play "Do You Like Your neighbor?".

16. Paint each other's finger nails.

17. Play hide and go seek in the dark!

18. Rent lots of movies!

19. Treasure hunt in the dark. (have people bring a flashlight to use)

20. Have a dance off... with bubble wrap. Try to pop the most bubbles.

21. Indoor picnic! Pack a basket of goodies, lay out a blanket in the living room, and enjoy a indoor picnic!

22. Tea party! Pull out your finest doll china (if the kids can be trusted with it) and serve hot cider, finger Sandwiches, and fancy cookies. As you play you can even teach your guests proper manners for a formal occasion (ediquete).

23.Camp out! Clear some space in the basement, pitch a tent, pull out your sleeping bags, and let the kids sleep inside. (Teddy Bears optional.)

24. To a huge puzzle all together! Put your smarts together to figure it out!

25. Dance! Teach the kids your favorite dance.

26. Test Your Taste Buds! Have one person make something from ingredients in the kitchen and then other person has to put on a blindfold and eats the food. The person with the blindfold on then makes a guess at what the food is or what ingredients are in it.

27. Drama Bag Game - Fill shopping bags with 5 different items in each bag. A shoe, hat, party favor etc. - but fill each bag with different things. Divide into teams and give each team one bag. Go to different rooms and create a skit which includes all items in the bag. After 15 minutes come back and perform. Variation: Create a song or commercial.

28. Play Maufia.

29. Talk! Late Nights are a good time for friends to just get together and talk too!

30. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

For dinner have a "Mystery Meal". Give each guest a menu, but have the items coded like Dr.Pepper is Physicians spice. It is funny to see your friends so confused! Here are some more ideas:

"Neptune's Trident" (fork)

"Pucker Up" (lemonade)

"Shovel" (spoon)

"Finger Puppets" (olives)

"Early Morning Alarm" (chicken)

"Gold nuggets" Clue- Pocahontace (corn)

Slumber Party Menu

Pizza - take out or have more fun making your own with fun toppings.

Chips and dip

Veggie tray with dip

Fruit tray with dip

Make Rice Krispie Treats, Brownies or Cookies at midnight


Hot Chocolate

Sleepover Smores


Make a Tutu! Instrunctions here:

These are not MY ideas. I got them off of the internet!

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Q: What are some good ideas for a sleep over?
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