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G-MAX has been the standard free 3d creation software, mostly used for creating 3D game objects and characters - but it may not be available anymore because it was competeing with payware the same company was introducing - same company that does autocad, 3D studio MAX, and Maya (autodesk) - i was able to find a download a few months ago so it may still be available somewhere - try to Google it

I would try Game maker on

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Q: What are some free 3D modeling programs similar to the Sims or Sims 2?
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Where can you get free animation software?

The programs made by Autodesk is good for 3d modeling and animation.Join the Autodesk student community and download these programs

What is a good free and preferably realistic 3D modeling or architecture program?

Go for " Blender 2.76" as free 3d & rendering program which equivalent to 3d Max (I think ! ) However, I believe your question should be splited into two questions , as modeling & realistic rendering is two different processes . Nowadays, There is no single 3d modeling program that is referable in both modeling & rendering , 3D Modeling programs usually use outsourced programs (Plugins ) to make their rendering more realistic ,

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I got Sims Makin magic from this site, Its free and it takes forever to download but its worth it in the end :) hope this helps.

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What is bocad?

Its a buggy but powerful 3d modeling cad program it reminds me of autocad 12 it has limited tools. In relation to other free cad programs it is very behind the times

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