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There are several brands of clothing companies who are famous for their t-shirts. For example, companies such as Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein make designer shirts for men.

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Q: What are some famous brands of men's designer t shirts?
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Where can one find information about mens designer boots?

One can find information about designer boots for men at the websites of the specific brands one is interested in. Every brand of boot has its own particular website.

Name a famous fashion designer who creates mens wool coat?

Karl Lagerfeld is a famous fashion designer with a great reputation for the design of men's coats. His long standing in the fashion industry in the wool design coat market is undisputed.

What retail stores carry jockey mens underwear?

Designer underwear can be purchased at stores such as Victoria's Secret for women and 2xist for men. Designer underwear is produced by high fashion brands such as Prada, Calvin Klein, and Burberry.

What is size 2 in mens shirts?

size to is a medium size

How much do mens broadcloth shirts cost?

19.99 at JCPenny.

Is there a choice in Sleve length for men's shirts?

Mens t-shirts are available sleveless,short,or long sleeved.

How do you purchase shirts sold at El Corte inglesin Barcelona Spain the manufacturer is Dustin they make mens shirts?

Please, who manufactures Dustin Shirts?

Does Macy's sell mens casual shirts?

Yes, Macys sells many types of shirts ranging from formal to casual wear for both men and woman. They offer a wide variety of clothing to choose from including but not limited to mens casual shirts.

What is the difference men and women shirts?

Mens shirts go down flat and womens shirts curve at the hips another stupid man invention to emphasize are butts!

What are some popular brands for mens nightshirts?

Some popular brands for men's nightshirts include Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Nautica.

Where can I find fashionable men's T shirts?

You can find fashionable men's tee shirts as a gift for your boyfriend at a lot of decent stores, two of whom I recommend are Bluefly and Old Navy. I have included links to the men's shirt section of each: Fly and's-t-shirts.jsp.

What is Taylor Swift favourite clothes?

Mens Underwear with baggy hats and no shirts