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Larger diameters are typical of invertebrates and are nonmylenated


Cuttlefish (Sepia sp.) 200 micron Large central fibers

Squid (Loligo sp.) 400 micron Large central fibers

(Both used in early nerve research)

Crab 100 to 250 micron Central fiber

Lobster 60 to 90 micron Leg axons

Earthworms 40 to 90 micron

Cockroach 50 micron Central fiber


Carp 20 micron Lateral neuron

Human 10 to 20 micron Mylenated - to/from skeletal muscle

0.3 to 1.3 Nonmylenated - deep pain

Data from Rainer Flindt, Amazing Numbers in Biology,2003. (More specific citations within.)

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Q: What are some examples of animals with large axon diameters?
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Can a myelinated axon have a larger diameter than an unmyelinated axon?

Unmyelinated fibers typically have smaller diameters than myelinated fibers.

Do small unmyelinated axon travel signal faster than large unmyelinated axon?


What part of the neuron carries impulses away from the neuron?

Axons send information away from a cell body.

The longest part of a motor neuron is likely to be the?

A motor neurone connects the central nervous system (CNS) with an effector, which is to say either a muscle or a gland. The length of the neurone depends on the size of the animal. In a human, some of the longest neurones extend from the base of the spine to the foot. The longest must be in the largest animals. Think of a giraffe. Not to mention a blue whale!

What region of the cell secretes neurotransmitters?

an axon terminal

What does not belong axon terminal synaptic knob bouton axon collateral?

axon collateral

The axon is connected to the soma by the?

axon hillock

The axon is made up of?

what is the axon made of

What is a axon hillock?

An axon hillock is a special cell body that connects an axon to a neuron. It is the last place where propagated membrane potentials are transmitted to the axon.

What are the 3 main structures of a neuron?

Dendrites, Axon, Axon Terminal, and Cell Body

How do the large axon affect the speed of an action potential?

The larger (wider) the axon's diameter, the faster the conduction. This is because resistance to the flow of electrical current is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of a conductor (such as a wire or an axon). page 1020, chapter 48.3, unit seven Biology AP, Campbell/Reece

Is and axon bulb and an axon hillock the same thing?

axon hillock = where cell body meets the axon axon bulb = end of the axon...lies very close to the dendrites of another neuron so impulses can pass over the synapse. AP Biology student *