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to save the endangered animals

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Q: What are some example of selective breeding?
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Why are dogs an example of selective breeding?

is dog breeding an example of natural selection

What is the breeding of organisms that have a certain desire trait?

Selective breeding.

What are some draw backs of selective breeding?

You do not allow evolution to occur, for you are evolution in selective breeding.

What are examples of selective breeding?

1. an example of selective breeding is crossing a poodle and a labor-doodle that have desired traits. usually this is practiced on by plants and animals.

One example of selective breeding?

Most of the domesticated plants and animals you are familiar with have been produced through selective breeding. Dogs, cats, cows, goats, corn, grass, tomatoes, etc .

A pig's selective breeding history?

a pig's selective breeding history

What jobs include selective breeding?

Biotechnology is involved in Selective Breeding.

What do you call the process of choosing parent organisms for the characteristics that you want in their offspring?

the process of selecting a few organisms with the desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation is called what?

The practice of breeding dogs to produce offspring with specific traits is an example of?

natural selecion

What are two types of selective breeding and how are they compared?

Selective breeding, Inbreeding and hybridization. :)

When organisms with certain desirable triats are mated?

Selective Breeding Selective Breeding

What isn't an example of selective breeding?

Selective breeding is when people (scientists) breed plants/animals for their traits. Its like strong horses being bred together or like white and red flowers to make pinks flowers. They can predict what the organism will turn out to look like. An example that ISN'T selective breeding is random flowers/animals that breed not caused by humans.