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Finland and Japan don't have homework. France's president considered banning homework.

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Q: What are some countries that have banned homework?
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What are some good exuces for not turning in homework?

Some good excuses are: you honestly didn't understand the homework, you had an important family event, you were sick, or you weren't there the day before, so you didn't know what the homework was.

How much homework by law is a teacher allowed to give a student a night?

There is no such law that teachers have to give a certain amount of homework each night. It all depends on the teacher and how they teach. Some teachers do not give as much homework as other teachers while some pile kids with work on a daily basis. There should never be a law about how much homework a teacher should give every night. There are some schools where a principal will set a policy on how much homework a teacher may give or must give. There are even some school districts that have attempted to regulate the amount of homework assigned to students. Usually, however, it is left up to the teacher's discretion.

What are some negative descriptive words on homework?

uh...evil, the killing of trees.......

What countries don't have homework?

The country of Bizbekistan, just south of Uzbekistan, does not have homework. Children in Bizbekistan go to school from 7am until 7pm every day except Sunday, when they spend eight hours in church and six hours doing their chores. The government checks each family on Sunday to be sure they are in church and doing their chores. If a child in Bizbekistan does not do their chores, the government puts them on a prison chain gang for six months.

What does pupils benefit from doing homework mean?

"Pupils benefit from doing homework" means that sudents who do their homework recieve advantages from doimg it. Some of those benefits or advantages are learning the material better, being responsible (which will helo the student later in life), learning to do things independently, etc.