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  • four leaf clovers
  • horseshoes
  • rabbits feet
  • in protection from werewolf's- silver bullets
  • in protection from vampires- holy water or garlic or wooden stakes
  • pennies (when found facing up)
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Q: What are some common good luck charms?
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What are some native American good luck charms?

Some of the native American good luck charms includes the ruby, the labis, and the opal. Some of these good luck symbols and good luck charms were used in some sort of celebration.

What are the most popular good luck charms?

The most popular good luck charms are crickets, ladybugs, dragonflies and scarabs. Some natural good luck charms are rainbow, animals, dolphins, acorns and many more.

What were some reasons that an African piece of art might be made?

Religious ceremonies, good luck charms, to demonstrate wealth.

What were some reasons a piece of art might be made in Africa?

For religious ceremonies, "good luck" charms , to demonstrate wealth and to calm the anger of the "gods."

What were some of the reasons that a piece of art might be made?

AnswerFor religious ceremonies, "good luck" charms , to demonstrate weathand to apese the anger of the "gods."

What are some reasons a piece of art might be made in Africa?

They made art for religion ceremony's, "good luck" charms, and to demonstrate wealth and to appease anger of the gods.

What charms are compatible with a Tiffany charm bracelet?

Would you like to try Soufeel charms. I've bought some charms to fit my pandora bracelet. good quality cheap price, many styles !

What does the slang term lucky lap mean?

It means that your lap is likely to bring wealth and great fortune. when someone says this phrase to you, it is customary to begin keeping good luck charms in your pocket to help increase the luck of your lap. EX. " hello sir, i must say you have a very lucky lap" " Thanks dude, i better get downtown fast to pickup some charms!"

Is it good luck to say good luck to a gambler?

Gamblers are some of the most superstitious people on earth. To some it would be good luck, to some bad luck.

Do bracelet charms have standard categories?

Italian Charm ,Rubber Bracelet Charms,Birthstone Charms,Christmas Charms and Fish are some standard categories of bracelet charms

How do you become really famous?

Luck + Talent+ Exposure+Good management and some common sense helps too.

What is a good luck symbol for Mexico?

The four-leaf clover, a rabbit's foot or a horseshoe nailed to the main door are some of the most common symbols of luck in Mexico.