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That cause does cause effects.

That the universe is real.

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Q: What are some common beliefs for science?
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Enumerate and describe some superstitious beliefs of practices in science?

what is the answer of enumerate some beliefs and practices related to the science and technology

What are the common beliefs of the cause of diseases?

Bacteria and viruses. There is basic science for something.

What are some example of superstitious beliefs related in science?

Some example of superstitious beliefs related in science was that the Earth was rectangular or round. Another was in relation to chemistry where it was thought to be witchcraft by some.

Name some superstitius beliefs that hinder the development of science?

Superstitious beliefs do not hinder the development of science; possibly the application, but most often not.

What are 3 common beliefs?

Some of the most common beliefs are Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu, and Atheism.

Why do so many people believe the world is only 4000 years old when science and common sense has proven otherwise?

Some religions and beliefs claim that the world's age is different than what isclaimed by scientists, just as some beliefs claim that there's heavenand hell, or a god, while there is no scientific proof for their existence.Because common sense is not an objective thing, and science does change with time, some people refuse to accept certain scientific theories that contradict their beliefs (which are their common sense). Their beliefs may not make sense to you, but they have the right to believe in whatever they want. And it is generally unwise to claim that information generated through science is "proven" or "factual". Better to leave those matters open, as suggested above. The danger is that when some new scientific insight comes to light, people coming from faith-based beliefs sometimes come to the illogical conclusion that if science is wrong, our religious texts must be right.

If science is dynamic does this mean that scientific beliefs are untrue?

Science does not involve 'beliefs'.

What are some common examples of science? is knowledge

What is the advantage and disadvantage of science?

one of the advantage of learning science is through science we can answer some unanswered questions that confuse our minds involving the community.One of its disadvantage is that science could be a heresy to Christianity in some aspects of beliefs.

What did progressives and eugenicistd have in common?

Both believed that Native Americans should be segregated. both used science to prove beliefs.

What are some common beliefs and practices?

i dont know. answer it urself!

What are some common beliefs?

the grass is greener on the other side.