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There are several benefits of using multicasting technology. One benefit is that multicasting optimizes network performance. Another benefit of multicasting is that the technology is directed towards distributed applications such as distance learning.

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Q: What are some benefits of multicasting?
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What does multicasting have to do with hubs?

Multicasting can be done on a hub but a hub does not need it always. Configuring a router or switch to use multicasting requires that the router or switch be IGMP capable.

Operates at the network layer and manages multicasting?


What is unicasting and multicasting?

The terms Unicasting and Multicasting are used in computer networks. By Unicasting we mean that the communication is a One-to-One communication,ie. one computer interacts with just one other computer. by multicasting we mean that it is a One-to-Many the computer interacts with more than one computer on the network.

What application is best suited to multicasting?

Logging on to a host over the Internet

What has the author Kevin Savetz written?

Kevin Savetz has written: 'MBONE, multicasting tomorrow's Internet' -- subject- s -: Interactive multimedia, Multicasting - Computer networks -, Internet 'Internet Top Ten Lists'

What is the process of multicast known for in computer networking?

Multicast is a computer networking process. In multicasting, a message is sent to several machines at the same time through a single transmission from the source. It is mostly used in IP multicasting.

What would be best suited to multicasting?

Participating in a company-wide videoconferencing via the Internet

What technology enables a computer to transmit the same data to multiple destinations at the same time?


What does WDS use to reduce network bandwidth requirements while deploying images?

Use multicasting

What is digital TV multicasting?

Making the move to digital TV can give viewers access to additional local TV channels. Multicasting is the technology that allows a single station to provide as many as six separate programming streams simultaneously, free and over the air.

What has the author David G Petitt written?

David G. Petitt has written: 'Solutions for reliable multicasting'

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