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Benefits of a whole house humidifier are great, especially in the winter months when houses are closed up and air cannot circulate. It keeps the humidity up resulting in less dry skin or coughs during the winter months.

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Q: What are some benefits of a whole house humidifier?
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Effectively Using a Whole House Humidifier?

A whole house humidifier can help keep your home from becoming too dry during the cold winter months. Adding some moisture to the air can make it easier to keep the rooms warm and can also reduce the amount of static electricity that builds up in carpets or clothing. Central Location Most whole house humidifiers are small enough to fit comfortably in a hallway or corner. Find a place where your humidifier will be able to impact the most amount of air at once. Humidifiers that are placed at one end of the house will have a difficult time keeping the air moist on the other end of the house. Find the most central location in your home and keep your humidifier plugged in there. If you do not have a central location that would work with a humidifier, place the unit in the room where the family spends most of its time. Change Filters Regularly Whole house humidifiers are equipped with filters that keep the air and the water as clean as possible. When you change the filters every month or so, you can be sure that the humidifier will continue to work properly. The air inside your home is filled with dust and fibers that collect on the filter as long as the humidifier is turned on. If the filter gets too dirty, the water will not pass through it as effectively and the humidifier will not be able to work efficiently. Keeping the filter clean also keeps the air in your house cleaner. Empty the Humidifier When not in Use It can be easy to leave the humidifier half full of water when the weather finally changes and you don't need to use it anymore. Make sure you take the time to completely drain the humidifier, though. Standing water can create bacteria and mold inside your humidifier during months of sitting idle. You will be blasted by a wave of dank and musty air when you turn the humidifier on again the next winter. Running old, stale water through your humidifier can permanently ruin it. You may never be able to get rid of the smell or the mold.

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