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heck yeah!!!

soccer is deffently cool. Its cool . I love it . Its a good sport.

coach: my name is coach (name of your coach) and i know what i got

team: what do you got

coach: i got a team that's hotter than hot

tema: how hot is hot:

coach: batman and superman

team:a ha aha cant do what the (teams name) can..


let's go!

let's go!


let's go (team name)


we're black, we're white, (color of soccer jerseys)

we're ready to fight,

we're white, we're black,

we're ready to attack!

gooo (team name)

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"Here we go (Team name), here we go!" Clap-clap.

"(Team name) power!" Clap-clap, Clap-clap-clap!



"2, 4, 6, 8, score before we graduate!"

(Fans respond to the leader of the cheer in this one)

Have everyone sit down.

Leader starts the cheer.

Leader: I believe!

Fans: I believe!

L: I believe that!

F: I believe that!

L: I believe that we!

F: I believe that we!

L: I believe that we will win!

Everyone pops up and jumps around


(If a player is going crazy and acting stupid)

Point at him, "Psy-cho! Psy-cho! Psy-cho!"

At the end of the game, "Warm the buses!" or "Drive home safely!"

Also at the end of a game, "Na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na! Hey, hey hey! Goodbye!"

For the Red team::

Red, red come on charge

this year's trophy's gonna be large

There's red, green, yellow and blue

but it don't matter, we'll beat you


that's the one i made up for my school sports day

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Carpe can work for any sports cheer...although it doesnt rele pretain to means live life to the fullest!

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temo ligo regatona tebi

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Q: What are some baseball cheers in Spanish?
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