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It is good because it takes your pirties of.

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Q: What are some advantages of alcohol?
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What are advantages of alcohol?

Alcohol can help people relax and open up. Depending on the type of alcohol it can have some health benefits as well.

What are the cocktail advantages?

they get u some what drunk and u sleep with a random person

What are the advantages of alcohol?

Alcohol is described as a "social drug" which reduces inhibitions and allows a more easy social experience.

5 advantages and disadvantages of alcohol beverage in human body?


Advantages and the disadvantages of alcohol as a fuel?

advantages= is cheaper and more efficient and does not damage environment as much. disadvantages= may corrode parts of engine, you may have to fill in more often as alcohol runs out quickly.

Advantages of Bunsen burner over the alcohol lamp?

to control the fire

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of using perfumes?

disadvantage: The main disadvantage of alcohol perfume is how the alcohol makes top notes explode. The initial scent comes on strong, and some people don't like the blast of fragrance it gives them headaches or makes them dizzy.

What are the advantages of alcohol thermometer?

They are cheaper an they don't pose the same environmental risks when broken.

What are the advantages of running a car of alcohol fuels rather than petrol?

The only advantage is that alcohol is "renewable". Alcohol has less energy per unit volume and/or weight, and currently is more expensive.

What are the advantages drugs for the treatment of alcohol addiction?

To treat alcohol addiction, one must undergo an alcohol detox program that will cleanse an addict from alcohol residues. Alcohol addiction has a painful withdrawals especially when addiction is already severe. Alcohol drug rehab is necessary to fully recover from addiction.

What advantages and disadvantages of sulfuric acid?

the advantages is that it is in some of your foods and sweets and disadvantages it can burn you

Do Hindu's drink alcohol?

Some branches of Hinduism do not allow alcohol, but most have no specific prohibition on it.