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Adam hicks, Lindsay lohan... that's all i know

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Q: What are some actors with red hair?
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What are some actors under 25 with natural red hair besides Rupert Grint?


What was the color of Ned Kellys hair?

It was red.

Is red a natural color?

Yes? Multiple things are naturally red... some flowers, for instance. If you're talking about hair, yes, some people's hair grows naturally red.

Is having red hair a birth defect?

No, plenty of people have red hair. Some people are just made differently.

How do you naturally redden hair?

Buy some red hair dye and sit in nature and do it

What is the rarest hair color in the world?

Well actually the rarest hair and eye color is burgundy (red and purple and some blonde) and grey eyes which i have or purple hair and violet or green eyes.

Does an Irish person have red hair?

Some Irish people do, but most Irish people do not. There are also people from other countries that do have red hair.

Is there something wrong with dark brown hair turning red?

Dark brown hair turning red could be a sign of oxidation or exposure to sunlight causing the hair color to change. It's a natural process due to the breakdown of melanin in the hair, but it can also happen as a result of using certain hair products or treatments. If the color change is unwanted, it can be corrected by using color-safe shampoos and conditioners or seeking professional help from a hairstylist.

Why is orange hair called red hair?

because the term "orange head," is not as catchy as "red head." A lot of terms today are attributed to how catchy they are. Ex. Ronald McDonald OR because there is a difference between "Orange" and "red". There are some people who have auburn hair that looks brownish, and there are some people who have coppery colored hair. And there are some who's hair looks straight up orange. I have red hair, and I hated it when people said my hair was "orange" - especially since mine was dark red. I found it rude. If people want to be that way, then I can just start calling all the blonds Yellow-heads.

Is red a natural hair color?

It can be natural. I say Audburn hair is natural because some of the people I know has that reddish hair. Like Ariana Grande's hair, I'm not so sure about her hair because it's so red.

Why do teenagers get gray hair?

i am not sure but i assume that's the hair color they will have when they get older... you know some people are born with white hair or red hair?

In Naruto What is Sasori's hair colour?

ITS REDif its always red why do some people draw him with white hair