What are some Transformice maps?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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They are maps.

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Q: What are some Transformice maps?
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What is the transformice teleport code?

There is no code. You have to jump in a portal, which is an object the shaman can use in some, but not all, maps.

How do you run backwards on transformice?

With the <- arrow, but on upside-down maps it is the OPPOSITE. Example: down arrow is jump, <- arrow takes you -> way, etc.

When did Transformice happen?

Transformice happened in 2010.

How do you change profile on transformice?

By contacting transformice

What are some cheat codes for Transformice?

Visit to find some cheats.

When was Transformice created?

Transformice was created on 2010-05-01.

What is the opposite of Transformice?

There will be a game called Transforcats. I guess thats a opposite of Transformice. Signed by Tannermo P.S. Tannermo is my Transformice username.

Where to download transformice hack?

On the internet. But do not hack, it is not nice when you get banned on Transformice.

What are some animal games online?

Clubpenguin AnimalJam Transformice Vulpin adventure

Where is transformice?

What is 'red account' on Transformice Does it even exist?

The 'red account' on Transformice doesn't exist. It is only a myth.

What is the mice game?

Well I'm pretty sure there are many mice game and that you can search some up on Google or Yahoo, but one game I suggest would be Transformice at In that game you try to get the cheese and get back to your mice hole safely. In addition, in some stages there is a shaman in some levels, or maps. Anyway, there is a tutorial in the game.