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Q: What are seven things we as humans need to survive but can do without?
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Why is wasting trees a problem?

Killing trees is so bad because it one of the seven things we need to survive :)

Do human respire?

Yes, humans do respire. Respiration is one of the seven life processes, you have to respire to live, humans are living things so they do respire.

Why do animals die when we survive?

animals die because its apart of their life cycle, they die earlier then us humans because their years are counted by seven

is maintaining global biodiversity important for humans?

of course not, without it the worst possible outcome is fiery painful death, or seven nuggets on a whale

What are 10 things people need to survive a seven day emergency?

food, water, shelter, clothing, heat, oxygen, toiletries, electricity, money, fire

Will Harry Potter survive book 7?

Harry Potter does survive book seven, he is still there at the end of it.

Why do nonliving things not fit The Seven Characteristics of Living Things?

The Seven Characteristics of Living Things are:FeedingMovementBreathing or RespirationExcretionGrowthSensitivityReproductionAlso, humans have needs to do and create.Examples of non-living things:A car moves and needs air exchange to "move" but it doesn't breathe on its own. It does not do any of the other things though of a living thing.A washing machine moves but does not fit anything else that lives.

Who were the leaders during the battle of seven days?

the causes of the cilcil war itn was seven to survive.

The seven processes that are carried out by all living things in order to survive?

you can remember it by MRS GREN; Movement Reproduction Growth Respiration Energy Nutrition Sensitivity MR. GRENS!!!!

The probability that a patient recovers from a delicate heart operation is 0.9 what is the probability that exactly 5 of the next 7 patients having the operation survive?

C(7,2)*(.9)^5*(.1)^2, or about .124 = 12.4% For the desired outcome, considering the seven patients, you need: (Survive,Survive,Survive,Survive,Survive,Die,Die) (Survive,Survive,Survive,Survive,Die,Survive,Die) (Survive,Survive,Survive,Die,Survive,Survive,Die) . . . (Die,Die,Survive,Survive,Survive,Survive,Survive) There are C(7,2) [the number of combinations of 7 things taken 2 at a time] = 21 possible desired outcomes. The probability of each of these outcomes is (.9)*(.9)*(.9)*(.9)*(.9)*(.1)*(.1). Multiplying 21 by (.9)*(.9)*(.9)*(.9)*(.9)*(.1)*(.1) yields the answer.

Does Dumbledore survive to the end of Harry Potter?

Dumbledore does not survive all seven books. He is killed by Snape in the sixth book.

What is 7 things about?

It is about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend and why she doesn't like him anymore but then suddenly changes to why she does like him. It's about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend. It's about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend.