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Royalty free images are photos and artwork that can be used by anyone for any purpose they choose without paying a fee to the original creator or owner.

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Q: What are royalty free images used for?
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Where can one find royalty free images online?

Royalty free images can be found online. There are a lot of social media sites that shares royalty free images. These images are free of cost and do not have to be bought.

Where can I obtain royalty free images?

Royalty free images means that you can use the pictures free of charge. Many websites provide royalty free images and the most well-known website is

What is the policy to use royalty free images for website design?

Royalty-free anything is in PUBLIC DOMAIN. it is completely legal to use. HIGHLY SUGGEST to Google ROYALTY FREE IMAGES.

Where can I get royalty free images?

Yes there are quite a few sites that you can check out to get royalty free images. A few I recommend are,, and

Where can I find royalty free images for my blog?

Although this is not a topic I am extremely familiar with, I have found that there are a lot of options available for royalty free images. One site that I found is called Pimp My Wordpress and you will find the top 10 sites for royalty free images. Some of the sites are Getty Images, Jupiter Images, Free Digital Photos and Corbis Images.

Where do I get royalty free images?

To procure royalty free images, one would certainly go to the web address, this site offers millions of royalty free images available to be purchased. This site is excellent because of the broad spectrum of the pictures that are available.

How do you get royalty free images?

Some of the good sites to get free royalty images are: Stock.XCHNG 123rf Alamy Bigstockphoto Everystockphoto Corbis ImageBase Stockvault Freepixels MorgueFile Freerangestock

Where can I find a source of royalty free images to use?

From what I can gather some site do give you a trial perio for using free royalty images, after such time, there is a charge. Try this site for more information of free images:

Which site has pictures of royalty free images?

One can find pictures of royalty free images from sites, such as Unrestricted Site, SXU, Pixabay, Free Digital Photos, Clker, Stock Photos For Free, Deposit Photos and Getty Images.

Where can royalty free stock images be found?

Royalty-free stock images can be found at sites such as iStockPhoto and Shutterstock. Also, the artist community deviantART has many members who make stock images available.

Do royalty free images mean that they are totally free?

not necessarily. Royalty free images means that you will not be required to pay any type of royalty to the person or company that was originally responsible for the image generation, however, you might still have to pay for the image itself.

Is there a database of royalty free images?

Royalty free images are available online. People can look them up and research them online. As a consumer people can look through these and enjoy them frequently.