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Redfoo is Stefan Kendal Gordy and Sky blu is Skyler Austen Gordy

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Q: What are red foo and sky blu from lmfao real names?
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How old is sky blu from lmfao?

Red Foo is 35 and Sky Blu is 24.. Red Foo is Sky Blu's Uncle

What are red foo and sky blue from lmfao real names?

Skylar Huston Gordy

What are the names of the people from lmfao?

Red Foo and Sky Blue

What is the name of lmfao's singers name?

There is two red foo is the main one and the other one is Sky Blu

What is Red Foo and Sky Blu from LMFAO mailing address?

435 Clamder Circle, Jay Park, NY

What are the guys from lfmaos stage names?

Red foo, sky blu and shufflebot -sky blu is the one with the Afro -red foo is the one without -and shufflebot is the robot

How old is red foo?

red foo (from lmfao) is 36 years old

Is red foo from lmfao Jewish?


Are redfoo and skyblue brothers?

Red foo is Sky Blu's Brother they both grew up together and were known as the Sexe Boi's Before LMFAO. Their dad is black and their mom is white.

Is red foo the one with the afro in lmfao?


Is red foo in Lmfao a Muslim?

no he is not aMuslimbecause he wears a +necklaces

How is red foo and sky blu related?

Redfoo is Sky Blu's uncle.