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R-plasmids contain genes for antibiotic resistance and they can be transferred among bacteria. It is common for gut bacteria of humans and other animals to spread antibiotic resistance this way. It is a problem for humans because many bacteria have become resistant to multiple antibiotics.

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Q: What are r plasmids and why are these a problem to humans?
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What are the 2 types of DNA plasmids found in microorganisms?

Plasmids are autonomous DNA molecules of varying size which are localized within the cytoplasm of bacteria. There are two kinds:virulence plasmids = determines the virulence factors of the bacteriaresistance plasmids (R-plasmids) = determines the bacteria's resistance to anti-infective agents

Why is a plasmid a good way of getting recombinant DNA into a bacteria?

plasmids are very useful in recombinant DNA technology because ; 1. it has own origin of replication. has some selective markers like ; Amp^r, ter^r etc. 3. it has unique recognition sequence . has specific restriction sites . 5. it is small in size because in RDT foreign DNA is inserted , if the vector is large sized then after insertion it will creat problem . but due to the small size plasmids donot creat any problem.

What causes protozoan plasmids?

Protozoa do not have plasmids in nature.

What is a promiscuous plasmids?

plasmids that have transfer systems that allow transfer of DNA to unrelated species are called promiscuous plasmids.

In many bacteria genes that confer resistance to antibiotics are carried on what dissimilation plasmids exons plasmids factors or transposons?


Is prokaryote used in plasmids?

No, it's vise versa. Plasmids are used in and by the prokaryotes.

What types of plasmids allows a bacterial cell to kill its competitors?

Bacteriocin Plasmids

Plasmids are unique to what?

Plasmids are small segments of genetic material which are passed from one bacteria to another, so plasmids are unique to bacteria, which may also be referred to as prokaryotes.

What is inside the bacterium below is a small circular piece of DNA called?

Chromosomes unlike our cell they roam freely in the cytoplasm

Do mitochondria have plasmids?

No. Plasmids are used for cell replication, and cannot be a fraction of something that a fraction of a cell.

Are plasmids found in plant or animal cells or both?

plasmids are found in plant cells only

Small accessory chromosomes found in bacteria and useful in recombinant DNA procedures are called?