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Some positive influences on community health are: educational programs on nutrition and eating right, sports that children participate in, restaurants that serve healthy food, growing organic produce that is free of potentially harmful additives and preservatives, and any program or activity that focuses on health.

Laws prohibiting smoking in public places The presence of health-care providers

Local community groups and events

Public services to help low-income families

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Q: What are positive influences on community healthy?
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What are positive influence's on community health?

Some positive influences on community health are: Presence of health-care professionals Voluntary health organizations

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Some positive influences at school are: friends clubs teachers group projects forced social interaction

What are the importance of solving environmental health problems for a healthy community?

If not solved, the healthy community will not remain healthy.

Why are parks and recreation departments considered positive influences on community health?

They provide places for people to safely enjoy the outdoors and engage in physical activity through sports or games.

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