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Impreia online is a game that's like tribal wars and etc., but it's too complicated. That's why I quited.

ANd here are some games that i think you would like... runescape battleon darkorbit Try them....

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Q: What are other games like tribalwars other than travian and kingsage?
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Are there any other games like travian?

Yes, I think tribalwars has the most similarities with travian.

Is there any more games like evony?

The games like Evony are: Kingsage Tribalwars Travian Ogame Tagoria Age Of Conflict Adventures Fame Aegis Age Of Chaos Anaroch Brave New World Cstle Zone Chaotic Century Colony Wars Crimson Moon Dragon Soldiers Eternal Soldiers Eternal Kingdom eXile Grepolis Three Kingdoms Travian For a huge list of other, similar games:

What are games like tribalwars?

Tribalwars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player gets a small village wich you have to build up and conquer other villages with. Tribalwars is a team-play game, and not for individual enjoyment. You could play on your own, but you wont survive long.

Are there other games like ikariam?

Travian Nile Online Evony Lord of Ultima

How do they detect bots in travian?

In every single Travian server, there is a player called Multihunter. He is part of the travian staff, along with a couple other people. They look around every day, and the Multihunter gets tons of your Travian information, such as whether you have Travian Plus or not.

How do you steal in travian?

By raiding other people!

What happens at the end of travian travian if you have a rat?

Nothing happens. Or in other words, it just end like normal. And they kill a rat :P

Plundering resources in tribalwars?

FArm other barbarian villages. send troops to attack them and they will take it's resources

How do you get the other buildings in travian like the palace?

You can only have one palace per account.

What is KingsAge?

KingsAge is a MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Realtime Strategy game) created by Gameforge and playable in any modern browser. It is available free of charge, though certain features can be purchased to give you a tactical advantage. The focus of the game is to develop a settlement and capture other people's settlements. Players will often team up to form alliances to help defend each other and collaborate on attacks.

On KingsAge what is the Stone of the Wise?

The Stone of the Wise, more commonly known as the Philosopher's Stone, is a legendary chemical that could turn other materials like lead into gold. One of the goals of alchemy was to discover this chemical.On KingsAge, it is not an actual item in-game. It is referenced as a poetic way of saying that as you level up your Alchemist shop, there are other features that can be unlocked before you can create a Goldsmith and create gold armour (ducats in earlier versions of the game).

How much do better weapons help in travian?

There are not really weapons in travian, so I assume you mean better troops.Better troops are definitely helpful in travian, for example because they usually eat (relatively) less crop per hour. Other possible advantages are: relatively faster to build, better distribution of offensive or defensive power. Also cavalry has it's advantages and disadvantages over infantry.