What are modular homes?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Modular homes are built in a factory to meet or exceed the building codes where they will be set and permanently attached to a foundation. Modular homes are then brought to the build site in large pre fabricated pieces and assembled like a 3-D puzzle. The fact that approximately 80% of the construction is done offsite differentiates them from stick built homes. The fact that they meet local building codes and are not built on a frame that can later be moved from the foundation differentiates them from manufactured homes, which are built to the less stringent HUD code. Modular homes are usually brought to the build site in large pre fabricated pieces and assembled like a 3-D puzzle.

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A modular hme is a home that is constructed on-site frome pre-made parts, or modules.

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Q: What are modular homes?
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What are some modular homes dealers?

There are several modular home dealers. These modular home dealers include Champion Homes, Clayton Homes, Palm Harbor, All American Homes, and Modular Home Book.

What types of modular homes are there?

There are two main types of modular homes. These are classified as mobile homes and manufactured homes.

Where can one view Modular Homes for sale?

One can view modular homes for sale on specialty sites such as MH Bay and Expo Homes. You can also find modular homes for sale on sites such as Craigslist.

Is raw wood used for building modular homes?

Modular homes are built of kiln dried wood.

Are modular homes a good investment?

Modular homes can be a great investment if they are properly maintained and in a nice area.

Is there a stigma on Modular homes?

There is no stigma for modular homes that I know of,but a lot of people are miss informed about modular construction. Most people are confusing mobile homes with modular homes and there is a stigma about mobile homes and mobile home parks. Another confusing part is the term that is used to describe mobile homes. The term "Manufactured Housing" has been adapted by the mobile home industry to alleviate the stigma of mobile homes. Of course uninformed people bundle modular homes in this mix since modular homes are constructed in a manufacturing facility and are transported, but that is where the similarity if any ends.

Are modular homes as good as stick-built?

Modular homes are very sturdy in there construction when they are placed properly on a foundation.

Who makes the best modular homes?

Wisconsin homes

What companies make modular log homes?

Many companies (especially in Canada) make modular log homes. Examples of these are Go Modular Homes, Timberblock, and American Log Crafters. Yankee Barn Post also makes these homes.

What kind of homes are built by Nationwide Homes?

The company called "Nationwide Homes" builds Modular homes. Modular homes are prefabricated homes, made in a factory setting and then shipped to the building site where the parts are put together.

Where can one compare prices for modular homes?

One can compare prices for modular homes at real estate agencies in their local area. Modular home companies also have websites with pricing information available on them.

Do modular homes have labels?

All modular homes, must have inspection stickers by a third party engineering firm that is approved by the various States that a manufactures ship modular homes to. The labels then are inspected by the local Building Department Officials when the home is assembled and is ready for occupancy.