What are minerals needed for?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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The health of the body's organs and growth.

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Q: What are minerals needed for?
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Where does the body get the needed minerals?

Minerals are part of the food that we eat.

Why are minerals important in your diet?

Minerals are needed for good health.

What nutrients needed by the human body are NOT organic compounds?


How much minerals do we needed in your diet?


Are vitimens and minerals needed in big amounts?


Nutrients that are chemical elements needed for enzyme processes and bone formation?

Vitamins and minerals

Are minerals needed in larger quantities by the body than protein fat and carbohydrates?

The protein and carbohydrates within the body create minerals on top of the minerals already there. The body has a larger amount of minerals and are needed in more quantities by the body than protein and carbohydrates because the minerals are used for everything.

Which minerals are needed by plants?

from the soil of the plant. :) monthaha a

Why was coal needed to make steel?

because it has minerals

Which minerals needed in the diet for strong bones?

the bones

Subsoil holds water and has minerals needed by?

plants and trees

What tool is needed to investigate minerals?

hand lens,etc