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Metals are elements that are usually malleable, ductile, conductive of heat and electricty, and lusterous. Non metals are elements that do not exhibit these characteristics. Metaloids are elements with intermediate properties.

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Q: What are metals and non-metals and metaloids?
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What is the element between the metals and nonmetals?


What are the three into which elements can be classified basd on their proprtiess?

The 3 main categories are Metal, Nonmetals and Metalloids

What is poor conductor of heat and electricity metals non-metals or metaloids?


What is a metal that has some characteristics of both metals and nonmetals?


What are the three types of elements?

Noble GasesMetalsNon-Metals

Do metaloids contain metals and nonmetals?

Metalloids do not contain either metals or nonmetals. They are elements that have properties of both metals and metalloids, and are found between the metals and nonmetals on the periodic table.

What are the chemical families on the periodic table?

Well, several are, and from left to right. Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals. Transition metals. Metaloids. Nonmetals. Halogens. Nobel gasses.

The three main groups of elements are?

Metals, nonmetals and noble gases.Gases, liquids and solids.

What are the three major groups of elements on the periodic table?

The three classes of periodic elements are:Metals,that usually tend to lose electrons to form positive ions.Semi-metals or MetalloidsNon-metals,that usually tend to accept electrons to become negative ions.

Where are metaloids located on periodic table?

between the metals and the nonmetals along a diagonal line running roughly from boron at the top center roughly to selenium at the right.

Are the Lanthanide Series metals or non-metals or metaloids?

They are Metals

What are the 3 categories metals go into?

Metals, Non-metals and Metaloids