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Here are some great twilight questions with answers!

Book #1- Twilight:

Q:Who was the first person Bella met at forks high?

A: Erick (nerd guy)

Q: What does Bella say is her favorite gem?

A: Onyx

Q: What were the names of the two vampires that were hunting Bella and how big was their coven originally?

A: James and Victoria. Originally they had three but Laurent decided hunting Bella was probably not in his best interest. He later decided to go to the coven up in Alaska.

Q: When Bella was hurt by James what was her cover story?

A: She fell down two flights of stairs and through a window.

Movie #1 Twilight:

Q: What were the differences between Bella's prom dress in the movie and her prom dress in the book?

A: In the movie it was shorter.

Q: When Bella walked into her science class what happened that made Edward freak out, that wasn't in the book?

A: she walked in front of a fan and that pushed her sent towards him.

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  1. "What is the main conflict in the Twilight series?" Answer: The main conflict in the Twilight series revolves around the love and forbidden romance between a human, Bella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen, as they navigate their relationship amidst a background of supernatural threats.

  2. "How does the character development of Bella evolve throughout the series?" Answer: Bella's character evolves from a clumsy and introverted high school student to a confident and determined individual who embraces her life as a vampire with Edward and their daughter, Renesmee.

  3. "What are the central themes explored in the Twilight saga?" Answer: Themes of love, sacrifice, loyalty, and acceptance are central to the Twilight saga, as it delves into issues of identity, immortality, and the complexities of relationships between humans and supernatural beings.

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I know every thing about the first book I am so looking forward to seeing it on DVD so let me know Cair2 :)

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I do.

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Q: What are good twilight questions with answers?
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