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* Paper bags are biodegradable. * They can also be recycled. * They are fairly lightweight compared to boxes and cans, so are cheaper to transport.

* they make it easier to carry quantities of items

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Q: What are good things about paper bags?
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What bags are good for the environment?

paper bags any bag made of recyclable material

What properties of paper make it suitable for each use?

some of the things that could be used for paper is,setain towels,clothes like, pants and shirts.Also could be for bags like paper bags.

Where can I get good paper bags to use?

Paper bags are available at Wal-Mart in a variety of styles and colors. Simple lunch paper bags may cost just a few dollars, while a a bundle of 500 paper bags cost just over 130$. Prices depend on size and quantity.

What is a paper bag?

Paper bags are bags made of paper. Usually can be used as a shopping bag. The easy-to-print characteristics of paper can give a good publicity to the product. Wuxi Hengtong Printing&Packaging Factory is a professional packaging company, There are many paper bags with good quality, cheap price and beautiful packaging

How are paper lunch bags made?

paper and bags duuu

Where can I find gift paper & bags for wedding gifts in Charlotte, NC?

You can find gift paper & bags for wedding gifts in Charlotte, NC at Another good site is

A good name for a bag store?

Bags and things would be a good name for a store that sells bags.

Where did bags come from?

bags - I am assuming your meaning bags in which to carry things in there are paper, plastic and now the environmental friendly cloth bags. Paper bags are created by using trees - using the pulp in which bags are made from. Paper bags can be recycled. Plastic bags are typically made from oil by-products. Plastic bags can be recycled by it is process is hard. Biodegradeable plastic bags which are not made from petroleum products but derived from our food sources. Cloth bags made from cloth and can be washed and reused. Saving energy and our resources.

seed paper bags?

handmade plantable seed paper bags

How do you keep animals out of trash bins?

Kraft paper bags can definitely be used as gift bags! If they are just plain bags you can decorate them with fun things such as markers, ribbon, and bows!

How can you reuse grocery plastic and paper grocery bags?

Plastic: you could use it as a lunch sack or to carry things in Paper: recycle.

What can you use in place of polythene bags or aluminium foils?

Some substitutes for plastic are starch from corn or wheat, corn syrup, ad even potatos.