What are good shark film names?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Deep blue sea


Jaws 2

12 days of terror

Open water

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Jaws is probably the most famous of the shark movies. Another shark movie is Deep Blue Sea.

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Q: What are good shark film names?
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What is a good name for a shark?

A good name for a shark is Bruis,dude and duke!

What are good sport team names?

The fury , hype, shark attack, the tigers. ,

Who was the actress who yelled shark shark?

In what film? If we don't know the film then we can't help!

What is the name of the shark in Sharknado?

shark names

Which 1975 film featured a Great White Shark?

Jaws. Film Trivia: "Bruce" was the nickname given to the mechanic shark used in the film.

Does the bull shark have any other names?

The Zambezi shark and the Nicaragua shark.

In the film industry what is an Oscar?

he is an shark

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What are two names of sharks?

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Shark names that start with p?

Pigeye shark is a shark species. It begins with the letter p.

How does speilberg build up fear of the shark in the film jaws?

The film used music to build fear. For the majority of time the robotic shark malfunctioned during filming which turned out to be a good thing because the end result was much more frighting without the shark in the picture. The second the music starts even though you can't see the shark you know he's there, some where and that someone is about to have a bad day.