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French speaking Canadians are called Canadians. English speaking Canadians are called Canadians. Canadians are Canadians.

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Q: What are french speaking Canadians called?
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What french speaking Canadians live in what province?

French speaking Canadians mostly live in Quebec.

Where do most french speaking Canadians lived?

Canada. Improvise::: Most FRENCH speaking CANADIANS live in Quebec.

How do you say Easter in Canada?

English speaking Canadians say "Easter" French speaking Canadians say "Pâques"

What are french speaking canadians who want the province of quebec to become an independent country called?

Les sépératistes

Witch province contains the majority of french-speaking canadians?

Quebec has the most French speaking Canadians, there are several French speaking communities outside of Quebec like portage la Prairie in Manitoba, and Acadia in New Brunswick.

Where do french speaking canadians live?

Most live in Quebec

What is the hockey team Canadiens spelled different than Canadians?

It's French. Montreal is a French-speaking city in a French-speaking province.

What is Canada french province?

The province where most of the French speaking Canadians live is Quebec.

In which province do most french-speaking Canadians live?

Most French-speaking Canadians live in the province of Quebec. Quebec is the only province in Canada where French is the official language and the majority of the population speaks French as their first language.

Number of French speaking Canadians?

In Canada, both English and French are the official languages of the country and it is law for one to be bilingual as passed by the Official Languages Act established in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is stated that 98.5% of Canadians speak English of French with 67.5% speaking English Only, 13.3% speaking French only, and 17.7% speaking both languages. Roughly, 30% of the country are French speaking Canadians...this could be approximated at 7 million Canadian French speakers in Canada, with most residing in Quebec.

What is leadership in French?

French say leadership.As there is no french word to express the idea.However, it is possible that french-speaking Canadians have translated it.

Why do French people in Quebec want their own country?

I presume it's in the history of Quebec. The French speaking Canadians were second class citizens. The Brits deported a lot French speaking in the south of the Stats. And the English is a menace for French speaking Canadians, in a continent who has the strongest economy in the World and who speaks English, until now, USA. And the other part of Canada off course speaks English. So French speaking Canadians, who economically are very wealthy, could be independent without problems. They are the richest of Canadian's provinces, the Queen Elisabeth II, queen of England is the monarch of Canada too. That is for a lot French speaking Canadians an insult.