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Josephine Cochranes husband died after she built it

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Q: What are facts about the invention of the dishwasher?
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What kitchen invention took top prize at Chicago 1893 World's Fair?

the dishwasher

What invetion was made in 1980?

facts about his invention

What are facts about the invention of the sewing machine?

there hard to use

How much did the first dishwasher cost?

It would of cost around £1000 and were invented in the 60s or 70s I think but not sure on invention time

What are facts about the invention of the microscope?

it was invented by zacharias janssen in around 1595

Will a dishwasher magnet you put on the outside of a dishwasher damage the dishwasher?


What are the most common dishwasher problems?

Some common problems include: Why does my dishwasher not drain? Why does my dishwasher leak, and why does my dishwasher not dry.

what are the differences between a standard dishwasher and a dishwasher with drawers?

Dishwasher with drawers has actual drawers that are built into the dishwasher itself.

What 5 historical facts happened in world war 2?

The invention of the Jet Engine. The invention, development, of Radar. The use of the Atomic Bomb. The defeat of the Nazis. The greatest fight against Tyrrany in History.

Does a dishwasher fill vavle is operated manually up under sink?

Most dishwasher fill valves are inside the casing of the dishwasher.Most dishwasher fill valves are inside the casing of the dishwasher.

How do new discoveries and invention change the way people live?

Because it can effect their lives foe example when someone invented the dishwasher people who washed with their hands could use it and save some of their time.

How do you clean the dishwasher filter?

Cleaning out the dishwasher filter will help to keep your dishwasher working properly. The dishwasher manual will show you where the filter is. Remove it, clean out any debris that's in it, and then put it back in place before running the dishwasher.