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She doesn't have one name but a lot more. she married horus and had 4 children.

she is also part cow and one of her other names is het-heru

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Q: What are facts about hathor?
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When was Hathor was god?

Hathor was a goddess of Ancient Egypt.

Hathor's family tree?

In Egyptian mythology Hathor was the child of Nut and Ra. Hathor was also the wife to Horus.

What is Hathor's sacred animal?

Hathor's sacred animal is the cow.

Who was hathor's parents?

Ra or Ptah was the father of Hathor.

Who plays hathor in sg1?

Hathor is played by Suanne Braun .

Who were Hathor's siblings?

Hathor was the daughter of Ra, so Anat, Astarte, Bast, Wadjet, Anhur, Ma'at, Thoth, Weneg, Nekhbet, Serqet, Hathor and Mut were at times called children of Ra would also be Hathor's siblings.

Was hathor roman or greek?

Hathor was neither Roman nor Greek. Hathor was an Egyptian deity. She was closely associated with motherhood and childbirth.

Why was Hathor Married to Horus?

Hathor and Horus were equals and so had their union.

What was a special animal to Hathor?

Hathor is often depicted with the head of a cow.

How did the Egyptian goddess hathor die?

Hathor did not die in Egyptian myth.

Did hathor and orsiris have children?

No, they did not have children because Hathor did not marry Osirius Isis did.

Did hathor have a child?

Both Horus and Ihy have been called sons of Hathor.