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Q: What are factors that affect life expectancy?
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What are the factors that affect life expectancy?


How did the invention of canning affect the life expectancy?

How did the invention of canning affect the life expectancy rate

Does dyslexia affect a persons life expectancy?

No it has no effect on life expectancy.

What are the environmental factors that affect life expectancy?

Environmental factors that can affect life expectancy include air quality, access to clean water and sanitation, exposure to hazardous substances, availability of healthcare services, and the overall socioeconomic conditions of the area. Additionally, climate-related factors such as extreme temperatures and natural disasters can also impact life expectancy. These environmental factors can contribute to various health issues and increase the risk of diseases and mortality.

What factors affect the quality of life?

Life expectancy is affected by many different factors. A few include genetics, weight, diet and lifestyle, drinking and smoking habits and if you use drugs.

How did the invention of canning food affect the life expectancy?

How did the invention of canning affect the life expectancy rate

What is the life expectancy of someone who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder?

OCD does not affect life expectancy.

Is life expectancy determined at birth?

No life expectancy is not determined at birth. Life expectancy is determined by a variety of factors. Factors that influence life expectancy are quality of life, health factors, environment, location, family life among others. Exercise and eating habits influence our life expectancy, smoking and alcohol as well as illegal (and legal) drug use (abuse) can lead to a lower life expectancy. Health care and technology will generally improve throughout peoples' lives leading to an increase in life expectancy.

Does sickle cell disease affect life expectancy?


Does hereditary male baldness affect life expectancy?


Life expectancy for scoliosis patients?

Scoliosis will not affect your lifespan.

Where could I find information on life expectancy and life quality of sufferers of COPD?

COPD life expectancy may be a topic that many patients don't care to talk about. Actually, there are several key factors associated with COPD life expectancy.