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Q: What are eight things that should be considered in maintaining a healthy body?
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What are some foods that are considered healthy?

There are many foods that are considered healthy. One main food groups that are considered healthy are both fruits and vegetables. These groups include things such as broccoli, carrots, apples, pears, strawberries, and many others.

How do you know if your tongue is healthy?

If you can taste things and you brush it daily your tongue should be quite healthy :p

What should you eat for dinner?

you should eat lot's of healthy things like vegtables,fruit,spudsand a bit of chocolate is always healthy

What things should be considered when shopping for children's shoes?

Colour, size and comfort are the 3 main things that should be considered while shopping for children's shoes!

What three things should you do to help your bones and muscles healthy?

eat healthy well rested stay in shape laugh and just live and look at life the way that it should be

How do you tell if you are fat?

well if i am fat i will say that i m a healthy person and God has gifted as such a beautiful things to eat and to enjoy.So,why we should not eat food and not should not be a healthy and fat person

What types of foods to eat in order to keep fit and healthy?

You should be eating healthy foods such as fruits vegetable and you should be having all your minerals and all of the things in the 7 food groups

More full of vitality?

Vitality can be considered as healthy. And then to get more vitality you need to do things that make you healthier, like diet and exercise.

What are the different things that should be considered in formulating a research pattern?


What things should be considered before purchasing a fabric steamer?

Things that should be considered before purchasing a fabric steamer include the price, the brand, quality, as well as the number and variety of heat settings.

What are healthy daily foods to eat?

Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and basic things. NOT junk-food. (chips, candy, sugary things, etc.)

What is best to take to prevent constipation?

Maintaining a healthy diet is key to preventing constipation. Introducing foods high in fiber, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and drinking plenty of water are some things you can do to prevent constipation.