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Q: What are eggs in the human body?
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What are female eggs contained in?

In the human body female eggs are contained in the ovaries.

Do spiders lay eggs even if is not in a human body?

Spiders lay eggs anywhere it's safe for them, not just a human host.

What is meiosis used for in the human body?

Meiosis is used to make gametes in the human body. The gametes will either be sperm or eggs depending on the gender.

How many chromosomes in normal human eggs and sperm is the same as in the body cells?

There are 23 chromosomes in human egg/sperm. In other human body cells there are 46 chromosomes.

What do human body need for producing baby?

eggs to fertilise and sperm to fertilise it

Why do you cook eggs?

why not?? eggs are very good for the human body, they are full of protein which will help you get stronger and maintain a stable growth.

What is one of the cellular differences between human eggs and sperm?

The eggs are the biggest cells in the body, while the sperm is the smallest.

What do eggs animals cells plant cells and the human body have in common?

They are all organisms.

Is egg protein harmful for human body?

No, although some people have allergies to eggs.

Are eggs animal cells plant cells and the human body all organisms?


What is one of the human differences between human egg and sperm?

The eggs are the biggest cells in the body, while the sperm is the smallest.

Where in the human body are eggs made?

The ovary is the organ in the female body that is responsible for releasing eggs each month. The eggs are made when a female is forming as a baby in her mother's womb. She is born with all of the eggs she will ever have, and they stay in her two ovaries, being released each month starting in puberty.