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To extend the natural human senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, and maybe taste).

To increase the human capacity of organizing and managing information (spreadsheets, databases, tables and charts).

To enhance all people's ability to communicate and pass facts on to each other (as in when a bar code is placed on a product, or an RFID tag is inserted into a shipping box).

To extend human ability to collect and refine knowledge in a meaningful way (originally through the use of written symbols to represent language (petroglyphs), then in books, then in libraries, then in databases and finally in "clouds" of knowledge such as the internet).

To improve the accuracy and dexterity of human skills (as in the way surgery was originally done with "rough" tools but now uses ultra-sharp scalpels and lasers; laser not being a natural human ability such as touch).

To enhance the continuation of the species by allowing us to understand our environment and manage our interaction with it (mapping geography, sensing the movement of the Earth, monitoring the weather [and predicting it] and identifying threats originating from space).

To explore human and animal Biology and provide for the creation of and refinement of medicines and other means for alleviating or curing disease. And to prevent or slow down the spread of naturally occurring threats to human and animal biology as bacteria and virii evolve over time.

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Q: What are each of the activities of technology?
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