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Q: What are different changes in health dimension during adolescence?
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What are the different changes that occur during the stage of adolescence?


What are the different physical changes during puberty or adolescence?

In males, the testis get bigger. In females, there is menstruation. Also the overall body growth is huge.

What physical changes occurs for males and females during adolescence?

pubic hair

What part of the body changes occur during adolescence?

All the secondary sexual characteristics.

Different changes in body during adolescence?

for boys: change in voice. for girls:developing of the breasts. it's the years between puberty and adulthood. more hair on the body.

What are the changes that occurred during adolescence?

-making new friends. -having mood swings. (not recommended)

What word means the period from about age 12 to 19 during which a child gradually changes into an adult?


During adolescence what changes occur to the penis of a boy?

It will grow in length, girth, and the boy will start getting erections.

Enumerate the changes one undergoes during adolescence like physical changes?

1.Having menstruation 2.Enlargement of breast 3.Enlargement of hips

What are some of the nonphysical changes that occur during adolescence?

You might find that you have... *mood swings *like girls/boys A LOT

What changes occur in height and weight during infancy middle childhood and adolescence?

Umm. Many things can occur in height and weight'

Where is the hormone in a boy produced that makes changes to his body during adolescence?

Mostly in his gonads (testes) and a little bit from adrenal glands.