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Events that are not related to the density.

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2008-07-19 18:56:22
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Q: What are density independent events?
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Is flooding due to a hurricane density dependent or density independent?


Is change in the number of predators density independent or density independent?

Density Dependent

Is flooding due to a hurrican density dependent or density independent?


What is a density independent variable?

There is no such thing as a "density independent variable".

Is intense competition for a food source a density independent or density dependent?

density independent or density dependent?Intense Competitonn For A Food Source

Which factor affects the same percentage of a population regardless of a populations density?

Density-independent factors, or things that affect the same percentage of the population no matter how heavily populated an area may be, are usually climate events. Hurricanes are one of the most common density-independent factors.

Is earthquake-related tsunami a density dependent factor or density independent factor?

density independent factor

Is flooding a density dependent?

No, Its a Density Independent

What is the density independent of lava flow?

the lava flow is a density independent that flow good from the chemicals lava it have to flow and it is independent

How do historians refer to independent events that occur or change together but do not affect one another?

Concurrent independent events or simultaneous independent events

Compare and contrast density dependent and density independent limiting factors?

A density-independent factor is one where the effect of the factor on the size of the population is independent of and does NOT depend upon the original density or size of the population.

Is disease density-dependent or density-independent?

Disease is Density dependent.

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