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The paths that the magnetic poles wander

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Q: What are apparent polar wander paths?
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How do apparent polar-wander paths show that the continents rather than the poles have moved?

Apparent polar-wander paths show that the continents have moved because the paths traced by the magnetic poles from different time periods do not align with the current geographic North Pole. This discrepancy implies that the continents must have shifted positions relative to the poles over time.

What is the term for the apparent tendency of the north magnetic pole to vary in positions over time?

The term for the apparent tendency of the north magnetic pole to vary in position over time is magnetic pole drift or magnetic pole wander.

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Do stars appear to wander off their star paths?

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Why did the concept of polar wander fail?

It was not the pole that wandered but the continent wandered relative to a fixed pole.

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The phrase "The Wander owns the shade From Holes" suggests that those who wander or explore have the power to uncover hidden truths or meanings ("Holes") that are not easily apparent. It implies that through exploration and curiosity, one can discover deeper insights and perspectives that may not be readily visible.

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How magnetic reversal happened?

The Earth's magnetic field is created by electric currents flowing roughly parallel to the Equator. There is not necessarily just the one electrical path, and what we see is the net result of several paths. It follows that if some of the paths are more convoluted that others, the apparent Pole will move accordingly. At the moment in the South Atlantic there is an area that appears to be reversing its polarity. There is little firm data as to the time a reversal takes. The Earth's magnetic field seems to protect the Earth from a flow of charged particles, or rather, it concentrates them in polar regions.

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What is the scientific term for the apparent curved motion of moving objects called?

The scientific term for the apparent curved motion of moving objects is called "Coriolis effect." It is caused by the rotation of the Earth and can affect the paths of objects moving across its surface.

What is transport wander in free gyroscope?

Transport wander in a free gyroscope refers to the gradual veering or drifting of the gyroscope's axis due to external forces acting on the spinning rotor. This phenomenon can affect the gyroscope's accuracy and stability over time, especially in applications where precise orientation is critical. Implementing correction mechanisms, such as gimbals or electronic feedback systems, can help minimize transport wander in free gyroscopes.